Quarterly Mortality Report - Issue 16

Date: 18 April 2017

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    Delivering High Quality Care
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These reports provide information on mortality rates, indicators of the quality of care and system/process measures that may affect the quality of care. The reports do focus on the data, however, this is only one part of understanding the issues that may affect a Trust’s mortality rate. They are an indicator, a sign-post, a prompt to looking at the wider system issues; these issues and themes are explored in detail in AQuA’s Mortality Lessons Learned publication (May 2013).

Quarterly Mortality Report - Issue 16

The reports are set out in four sections:

  • Section 1 - compares the North West with other regions of England
  • Section 2 - looks at the differences in data for the 22 Trusts in the North West for which the NHS HSCIC produces a SHMI
  • Section 3 - provides more detailed information for the specific trust
  • Section 4 - focus on a different topic each issue.

Some inferences and conclusions have been drawn from the data, however, this often needs to be set in the context of the wider health-economy. AQuA has a rolling programme of Mortality Reviews in order to support the understanding of issues surrounding mortality and the quality of care provided in a Trust and the health economy that it serves. Detailed trust-level analysis and inferences are best placed within this programme.

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