Purpose, Population and Place

Date: 22 May 2018

purpose population place
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    Supporting System Transformation
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Practical Considerations in Designing and Building an Integrated Model of Care

Over the last six years, AQuA have worked closely with system leadership teams within a number of localities across North West England, to explore the concept of integration between health and social care. We have supported them in the design and implementation of place based models of care, that unite partner organisations and local people to collaboratively transform health and care outcomes for the population.

In this paper we:

  • Share our experience of enabling behavioural change, building relationships and developing system leadership at all levels of the integrated care system
  • Outline our learning and what has resonated with individuals, organisations and locality leaders in the early stages of designing integrated place based care
  • Provide 12 practical suggestions as to how integrated leadership teams can approach the design and implementation of place based care, illustrated with examples of our work across the North West
  • Describe our change model for place based care that enables us to work with staff and citizens at all levels of the local system.