As an AQuA member, you can access a range of free support, training and events designed to help you and your organisation to improve the quality of care you deliver to patients.

Our offer for 2017/18 are grouped under the following improvement priorities:

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These pages will give you an indication of what we offer to you, however being an AQuA member offers more than training and improvement programmes:

  1. System expertise: Our faculty is made up of senior people with a depth and breadth of experience in managing and delivering complex change and system transformation
  2. Develop strategy and governance: Our tailored and bespoke offers are already achieving benefits for members and groups of members to deliver the Five Year Forward View
  3. Transform strategy into action: Through our account management system we will help you to deliver a plan that is unique to your organisation or footprint
  4. Facilitate effective relationships: Our networking approaches, connections to key policy organisations and early implementers ensure that you are always well-connected beyond the North West
  5. Analyse and diagnose: Our in-house analytics team deliver timely, meaningful and high quality intelligence, supporting the creation and delivery of programmes. In addition, they can work alongside your business intelligence units to turn data into intelligence that informs decision making and actions

Making the Most of Your Membership

Over the last year, we have refined our account management processes after observing that best value tends to be obtained from membership when there is good strategic engagement, a clear plan and an effective means to enact and amend the plan.

The success of this approach means that we are changing the way that our offers are accessed, by making the annual account meeting a key priority as part of membership.

We have allocated every member a named account executive and named account manager who will be in touch to arrange an account planning meeting at the beginning of each year.

This account planning meeting will enable your executive lead for AQuA and any support staff to define the required deliverables. The AQuA staff will then work with you to identify the offers that fit with your needs and develop this into a plan that is unique to you. This approach can also be used for groups of members wishing to develop footprint or locality plans.

Your account manager will also keep in touch with your nominated internal lead/s regarding any relevant products or opportunities, and to review progress. A mid-year progress meeting is also recommended, and will be organised by your account manager.