As an AQuA member, you can access a range of free support, training and events designed to help you and your organisation to improve the quality of care you deliver to patients.

Recently, we have begun working with organisations outside the North West on an ‘Associate Membership’ model. We work with these members to co-design bespoke support. These organisations are also part of our membership community and improvement networks.

If your organisation is interested in exploring potential membership options, please get in touch via and we would be more than happy to discuss this.

Our offers for 2019/20 are grouped under the following improvement priorities:

Download our Directory of Offers 2019/20

This directory will give you an indication of what we offer to you, however being an AQuA member offers more than training and improvement programmes:

  1. System expertise: Our faculty is made up of senior people with a depth and breadth of experience in managing and delivering complex change and system transformation
  2. Develop strategy and governance: Our tailored and bespoke offers are already achieving benefits for members and groups of members to deliver the Five Year Forward View
  3. Transform strategy into action: Through our account management system we will help you to deliver a plan that is unique to your organisation or footprint
  4. Facilitate effective relationships: Our networking approaches, connections to key policy organisations and early implementers ensure that you are always well-connected beyond the North West
  5. Analyse and diagnose: Our in-house analytics team deliver timely, meaningful and high quality intelligence, supporting the creation and delivery of programmes. In addition, they can work alongside your business intelligence units to turn data into intelligence that informs decision making and actions

Making the Most of Your Membership

Over the last year, we have refined our account management processes after observing that best value tends to be obtained from membership when there is good strategic engagement, a clear plan and an effective means to enact and amend the plan.

Each of our member organisations is allocated a dedicated AQuA Account Manager, who works alongside the Executive Sponsor and Membership Manager/s within the member organisation. Together they help to review your organisation's strategic priorities for the year, identify suitable offers and training to meet these needs, and develop this into a membership plan for the year.

This is done through an annual account planning meeting at the start of the year. Members are also welcome to invite wider colleagues, including Board members to these meetings, and often find this approach helps to better plan and embed our work with them.

Your AQuA Account Manager will also keep in regular contact with them throughout the year with relevant offers and opportunities. A mid-year progress meeting is also recommended to review how your needs have been met so far, and identify any further support for your organisation.

Key Roles in Membership

  • AQuA Account Managers are highly experienced members of our senior faculty. They will work alongside your Executive Sponsor and Membership Managers to develop your annual membership plan, and identify offers that suit the needs of your organisation or system.

  • Executive Sponsors are senior / Board-level members of staff who help to set the strategic agenda for your membership with AQuA, and ensure that your organisation gets the best value from membership.

  • Membership Managers are members who lead the day-to-day coordination of AQuA membership within your organisation, such as facilitating and engaging with other colleagues, teams and services to help them access our offers. They are identified by the Executive Sponsor and typically have responsibility for a particular role such as quality, safety etc. within their organisation. 

Benefits to Membership

  • Enable and equip teams for continuous improvement and enacting change
  • Support STPs and localities to achieve the ambitions of the Five Year Forward View, new models of care and integrating place based services
  • Helps to meet CQC and NHS Improvement Well-Led requirements
  • Enact national guidance on developing a systematic approach to quality
  • Address challenges in clinical care, such as access times and patient experience
  • Support quality requirements for professional revalidation
  • Share and learn through our established community of networks and partnerships