Safety Culture Survey

This programme provides members with the tools, skills and knowledge to oversee the successful implementation of safety culture surveys in their organisation.

Participants of this programme will develop a working knowledge of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) safety culture survey, and will be supported in the planning and dissemination of this within their organisation. 

Our analytics team will produce safety culture survey reports for each organisation, and the participants will be supported to interpret findings, align these with their organisational goals and develop plans to improve their safety culture.

This programme links directly into AQuA’s safety culture directory of offers, including our Psychological Safety, Human Factors and Improvement Practitioner programmes. Participants of this programme are therefore expected to either support staff from their organisation to enrol on a relevant AQuA programme, or develop in-house plans to improve their safety culture capability.

Following this programme, participant will have the skills and knowledge to plan, implement, and analyse the findings of a safety culture survey. They will also be able to effectively share the survey findings with staff using a broad range of mediums and plan the next steps to make safety culture improvements within their organisation. 

Whos it for?

Any staff that’re in a leadership position and have organisational support to proceed with a safety culture survey.


This programme is delivered over 6-9 months, with virtual and face to face support.

This includes 3 months to complete the safety culture survey and a 6 month commitment by participating organisations to build in safety culture capability, either through an AQuA’s programme or through in house training and development.

Upcoming dates:

Dates TBC - Watch the recorded webinar here.

For more information, please contact Jonathan Turner, Programme Support Officer, on or 0161 206 8932.


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