Mortality Governance for CCGs and Trusts

Date: 12 January 2018

Time: 13:30 to 16:30

Halliwell Jones Stadium | Warrington

Event Overview:

Working together on consistent approaches to mortality governance

Attendees at this session will explore the implementation of learning from deaths, including the challenges of implementation and consistent practice across the region. The session will also look at family engagement and how you can consider whether this is being tackled reliably. Finally the session will look at joint investigations and the barriers and enablers to this.

Who is this event aimed at?

This session is aimed at CCG and Trust staff members who have responsibility for implementing learning from deaths policies, family engagement and investigations. This session will also be open to NEDs who have attended the morning session.

What will attendees learn at this event / workshop?

  • Learning from Deaths Policy Implementation – the challenges and consistent practice across the region?
  • Family engagement – how do you know you are getting it right?
  • Joint investigations – what are the barriers to start dealing with now? What does success look like?

Further information:

The session will be 2 half day sessions, running consecutively. The morning is specifically aimed at NEDs with the afternoon being an open session for Trusts, CCG’s and NEDs.

The session will be delivered by Mary-Ann Bruce and there will be opportunities for questions and comments.

Lunch will be provided between the morning and afternoon sessions


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